jbadgr said: Oh, god— I’m in stitches!!!! The art of getting down is most honourable. MOST. HONOURABLE.

omg YES HONORABLE VERY HONORABLE leo’s dancing makes sinners repent and inspires casey joneses to clean up their acts~!

if only they gave bara leo a SCOOTER like 2k3 leo in this movie then omfg i would be in heaven because i’d be laughing so hard i’d crack all my ribs



(man i need some new 2k14 leo gifs like one where he’s all BAM PREGNANT and another saying HONOR oh and another saying OVARIES EXPLODING or maybe that one would be better suited to raph hmmm)

Anonymous asked: I wonder if Pete ever felt awkward twerking in front of Alan? :P - ST


The person who probable felt MOST awkward would be poor Jeremy back there XD Pete was twerking right in front of him X”’D

But I would love if it was actually a blooper, and none of the actors knew it was kept in…

…until they saw the movie.

And also, I would love the tmnt movie

and then the movie with just the mo-cap suits

and then that scene in the elevator

with just them in their mo-cap suits

let’s be honest, they were probably in awe of pete’s rad twerking skills

also a little turned on

i desperately want to see the elevator scene with them in their mo-cap suits


At first, Raph isn’t bothered by the “disappearance” of his loincloth, but after April comments, “Nice Underwear” with a laugh, he tries to cover his frontal region with his hands as much as possible.

at the end of the 2014 movie

raph becomes an underwear model until all the attention from fans causes him to suffer a love coma where he goes through 1000 toothpicks per day, and april sends his butt to rehab ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

donnie becomes a fashion engineer because he designed all their clothes, especially raph’s shred-proof undies since he was so bara he would burst out of his undies all the time and they were all tired of seeing raph’s massive member ( ̄。 ̄)

leo opens a dance studio but his thighs cause an earthquake on his first day, making him realize he needs more training in the art of getting down (╯◕_◕)╯

and mikey engages in so much pleasures of the flesh that he inspires aliens to land on earth just to get a piece of him, uniting the universe in a love fest 。◕ ‿ ◕。

It makes me so happy to see how the raphril tag has exploded over the last few months like I am legitimately shedding tears because since 1989 they have been my OTP…NOW OTHERS FINALLY SEE IT ;______;

"I remember, after the first trailer had just dropped , the FX guys at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) were so glum at some of the online reaction to the Turtle faces. People don’t realise the time and energy that go into how a film looks or how a character is animated. These guys at ILM are bigger Turtle fans than most people will ever be, and they’ve tried more versions of the final look than anyone will ever know… They’ve tried the big noses and they don’t work, they just look ridiculous when they try and talk- it looks like a cartoon! It worked in 1990, but it just doesn’t today, not when it’s got to look real. And it’s funny how the public reaction to the Turtles’ new appearance mirrors exactly what the characters deal with in the film. They’re mutants who aren’t accepted by the world for how they look- you really have to love the irony!"

Jeremy Howard (Donatello 2014) for UK’s Starburst magazine. 

And THIS is why I’m looking forward to the movie! Because it’s not just another Bay move, or Megan Fox movie. It’s Jeremy Howard’s movie, and Noel Fisher’s, Pete Polszek’s or Alan Ritchson’s.. It’s the guys at ILM and the stunt men and women. The set designers, sound designers, concept artists..

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