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Updates - 9/16/14


Hey, guys! So, a few updates:

  1. I am working on a card template, just so it helps bring a little uniformity. Version 1.0 of the template might be a little simple, so if people are interested I can open up submissions for backs and borders for the cards.

  2. There is now a »Rules & FAQ« page, detailing what is ok and such. I want this project to be as inclusive as possible, so it’s very open and relaxed when it comes to the rules. And what can be included! Which is… just about everything! You wanna draw cards with New Mutation versions of the Turtles, be my guest I’m not going to stop you. You wanna draw a Regency Era AU version of Leonardo, dude I wanna see that. As long as you source (like a fanfiction or fancomic or series), list where they are from, and all that it’s fine by me.

    Just to be sure - I’m repeat myself here so it’s very clear to everyone: Please be respectful, constructive criticism is FINE as long as the artist is receptive towards it. Which I’m aware of how frustrating that can be when all you want to do is help someone improve… and they feel like they are being attacked. So, just to avoid the hassle, always ASK before you critique someone’s piece unless they say it right from the get go they are ok with it.
  3. A »Tag and Resource List« is currently in the works, well its more or just a list than anything else at the moment.
  4. Asks and Submissions are open, but I won’t really be accepting any submissions until I announce our first character of the month, (HINT: He’s our current avatar.)
  5. ALSO: I am looking for people who are interested in joining as staff members. Mostly so we can powwow and in case I’m busy they can run the blog while I’m at work or school.

Anyhoodles! Thats it for now, hopefully I’ll get some spiffy graphics up and running.

- Moony ( somethingoddlyartsy )

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Okay, I’m in a ranting mood, and I just gotta vent somehow. 

I love most of the different versions of the TMNT. 2k3, 2k12, 1987, etc etc…. 

But at the same time, there’s a side to me that DESPISES them… yes, a part of me doesn’t like them, and you wanna know why? Because they overshadow the Mirage TMNT. 

Try to hear me out on this… when was the last time the Mirage Turtles got any sort of recognition? In fact… compare it to the amount of fame all the other versions get. They are by FAR the most underrated version of the TMNT, and I never understood that because they are the originals and they are responsible for all the future versions people desperately cling to. A vast majority of the fans nowadays are mostly only familiar with the 2012 and 2003 versions, and there are some nostalgia fans that like the Classic Turtles, but when was the last you saw a pure Mirage TMNT fan besides myself? In all my years of being in the fandom, I’ve met tons of people and only a few were Mirage TMNT fans. Everyone else either liked 2012, 2003, or Classic. While I definitely respect other people’s opinions, that still, in a way, makes me feel kinda…well, lonely, I guess? Like I stick out or something, and I honestly don’t like that feeling. Especially when I get judged for it. If you’re seriously going to scold me for liking the Mirage Turtles, then fuck you. I’m entitled to my opinion and you’re just gonna have to respect that.

For those of you saying the Mirage Turtles are “boring” and “uninteresting” and lack character development then you are dead WRONG. They have more depth and character development than any other version of the TMNT! The Mirage Turtles aren’t just a bunch of one-dimensional cold hearted anti heroes with the same personality, they each have a sad and tragic story to them. They individually have to deal with personal problems and tragedies revolving around their personal lives and I could actually feel for them. While just about every other version of the Turtles are a cheerful colorful bunch, the Mirage Turtles are destroyed souls that live a life of pain and agony, and they are each trying to deal with it in their own ways. We get to see them go into adulthood and mature even further, we get to see them react to Splinter’s death, and they pretty much develop as the series goes on. They started as emotionless cold-hearted killers and weapons of war that only lived for a singular purpose, but when they meet April and Casey they eventually grow into something else entirely. They slowly begin to develop emotions as they interact with April and they even become something of a family together. This version has the strongest connection between April and the Turtles because the Turtles in the comics were psychopaths/sociopaths that lacked any sort of restraint at first. She’s practically their ONLY friend whom they could trust entirely, and their interactions with her proves that they aren’t completely heartless and that they do in fact have a caring side to them.

Now compared to the 2003 TMNT and the Classic TMNT, The Mirage Turtles were raised like soldiers and treated like animals and they only had a singular purpose - to wipe out the Foot Clan and slay the Shredder, thus fulfilling their mentor’s personal vendetta. And how long did it take them to do this? They trained for 13 years, and they killed the Shredder on their very first attempt. How long did it take the Classic Turtles to defeat their Shredder? They were trained for 15 years and it took them eight years to finally defeat their Shredder


How long did it take the 2003 Turtles to defeat their Shredder? They were 15 when they first battled their Shredder, and it took them around three years to defeat him. They needed help when they first fought him and the Mirage Turtles were able to defeat their Shredder without ANY assistance, though granted, 2003 Shredder is far more powerful than Mirage Shredder, the Mirage Turtles would have killed him on their first run too. 

Anyway, after defeating the Shredder, the Mirage Turtles have tried to live in seclusion and in peace, using their skills to defend themselves and the few whom they cared about, and were cared from in return. And often they did with blood, sweat and sometimes even tears… you know how emotional it is seeing someone you believed to be completely ruthless and cold-hearted cry… 

The Mirage Turtles are not only more efficient than the other versions, they are also more developed and more fleshed out character-wise. Heck, even Mirage Mike occasionally cracks a few jokes here and there! So the Mirage Turtles aren’t entirely dark and serious. There’s a little something here for everyone though most of it is geared towards dark and gritty material, there’s still some form of comedy here and there. 

People have different opinions, and I respect that. I love every mainstream version of the TMNT, but I would like to see the Mirage Turtles get SOME recognition. It’s entirely unfair on their part.

I’m not trying to force anyone to skip out on their favorite incarnation of the TMNT, however, I do ask that people would at least look at the Mirage Turtles and acknowledge them for what they really are - the founders of the TMNT Multiverse. They started it all, and all the other versions wouldn’t be SHIT without them. That’s a fact everyone has to admit to regardless of how much you may hate the Mirage Turtles or love the other versions. 

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"Howl’s Moving Castle"-2004

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Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever!

Photos by ©izumiechan - Via BuzzFeed

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I really want to draw Donnie x Minae Noji (the actress who played Karai in the new tmnt movie). Just sweet fluff stuff (and maybe some turtle/human babies for the little girl fan in her).
It just looks so cute! (In my head hopefully it comes out like that on paper….)

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Karai vs Casey Jones: who would win in a fight? 

“Sorry Casey Jones, but Karai would kick your butt.  I know he has some good hockey and baseball swinging skills, and I would hate to hurt that pretty little face of his, but he would go down with one swift roundhouse to the temple and then a stomp to the throat.  Sayonara Casey Jones!” - Minae Noji

*_* I need to draw this now.  It’s kind of fueling the Karai/Casey ship for me…she’s gonna give that “pretty little face” a black eye!

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Just skip to 2:35 and watch Minae. Oh she’s so bless! She’s a true Shell-head. :)

She’s so amazing!

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Anonymous said to dashing-and-demure:
Dearest Michelangelo, I must say you have the most beautiful eyes. They are like windows to your beautiful soul and I feel inclined to tell you this because you absolutely deserve compliments regarding your looks. Overall you are extremely handsome and yet beautiful at the same time.

My rarest and most delicate bloom,

I am saddened we are reduced to ink and parchment as I would do much better to express my affections to you if I were able to whisper sweet missives in your ear.  Your flattery warms my heart and I wish for nothing more than to express my appreciations to you in person.  I am more than certain your beauty pales in comparison to the moon and as said, ‘You walk in beauty, like the night.’  

I can picture you, just so, lips as red as rubies, hair as wild and untamed as the jungles in Africa, you eyes alight with flame and wanting.  If you do me the honor, if it would please you so, I will be by the Unity Club this evening, and my evening would be much brighter if I were to have you as my companion.  I would much prefer to demonstrate my high esteem of you through physical means, if you would have me.

Your loving friend,
Michelangelo Hampson

mikey tonight will get laid. But what if he’s a mister and not a lady? ;)

Then that fic pretty much writes itself!

He’d be down for that as well.  At least, pansexual Mikey would :D

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Space Case.