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Anonymous asked: What did you think of the good genes arc in 2k3

I really like it, especially what it does to their family dynamic.  They just barely got away from Karai, Leo only just recovered from emotional trauma, and there’s a psychotic mutant infestation going on that they’re trying to help contain…and now their brother, the one they can always rely on, might be lost to them forever.  I liked how they had to work with their enemy, Bishop, in order to cure Donnie and it was great bringing Leatherhead in and seeing him confront Bishop, the one who tortured him for months.

I think I’m just disappointed with the aftermath, like Don had literally no reaction to being a “monster.”  Additionally, I didn’t like the lack of reaction with April and Casey after “Adventures in Turtle Sitting.”  You’d think they’d come along to help cure Don too, or they’d at least come over to see him when he’s cured.  That leads me into another thing; I didn’t like how, when Karai visited April with cryptic comments about killing her friends, we didn’t see April react.  I would’ve thought she’d be completely broken up about it, like they could’ve shown her in tears and rushing to find Casey, like “I can’t believe this!  They were my friends…my family!"  And Casey would’ve been devastated over losing his Number One Bro, Raph ;_;  I mean…there was nothing.

Anonymous asked: I was watching Good Genes earlier today and I got a plot bunny idea off the idea of how would this have went down if Leo was still in his very angry at the world phase like he was in season 4? It would have been pretty that's for sure.

Somehow I wager Don’s mutation would’ve either driven Leo over the edge or snapped him out of it.  I think he’d view the mutation as a failure on his part to protect his family.  Would it spiral him further into self-hate and anger?  Perhaps.  Ultimately, I think the shock value would’ve made him realize there are things out of his control, that all he can do is stop asking “why” and start concentrating on fixing what went wrong.

Anonymous asked: Would you mind talking about your opinion of Raph and Don's relationship in 2k3 and 2k7? Because I feel like how much Raph and Don loved each other in 2k3 is never talked about and, even though I know Raph is usually portrayed as having the best relationship with Mikey out of all his brothers, I felt he had the best relationship with Don in 2k3 because 2k3 Don was alot warmer here than in most incarnations. And 2k7 was such a missed oppurtunity for growth between those two.

I’ve talked about them before (I’m too lazy to find the post lol I think it’s under my #tmnt musings) ^_^  It’s funny because Mr. Laird says Raph and Mikey are the closest and even the character bios released before the start of the series stated so, but after watching the show I find Raph and Don to be the closest, in more of an understated way.

In the Mirage comics, Don’s more of a loner with a lot of confidence in his abilities and he seems the most distant from his siblings (strange because usually we think of Raph being that way).  The same could be said about Don in the OT and 2k12, but 2k3 Don is humble, mild-mannered, and sweet; he’s the perfect contrast to Raph and perhaps that’s why they  seem to get along so well.  More often than not I found that Raph displayed a “homey comfortableness” around Don.  With Leo there was always that tension of being under his shadow and with Mikey he seemed to always be slightly annoyed/exasperated by his antics.  When you see Raph and Don interact, it’s like Raph becomes mellow, as if his brother’s presence rubs off on him.  There’s little moments between them which make me think the writers unconsciously set them up as best bros, such as when they’re watching sports on the couch and Don spouts off something smartified and Raph is all, “Say what?” XD  I don’t know what it is; they’re just really at ease and cute together.  Of course, the biggest moment for me was in SAINW when Raph hugged Don without hesitation.

There’s also a scene duplicated in 2k12 from 2k3 where Don says to his brothers, “Gentlemen! …and Raph.”  In 2k3, he said, “Gentlemen! …and Mikey.”  It’s interesting to think of in terms of how different Don and Raph’s relationship is in both shows.

I’m sad we didn’t see a Don/Raph team up in the unfinished episode, “Nightmares Recycled.”  From scraps of the script I’ve found on Mr. Laird’s website, it would’ve been the highlight of their relationship, especially with Raph being a dork and calling him and Don the “teenage mutant ninja dream team” XD  Dork!

Anyway, as for 2k7, I think their relationship wasn’t as close.  Don seemed a bit more high-strung and him being chosen as leader must’ve ruffled some of Raph’s feathers the wrong way.  First, Leo leaves and now he has to listen to his nerdy brother who was picked over him to lead?  Cue Raph growling and storming out on his own in a fit of typical teenage angst! :3  There was a lot of potential wasted there since the writers focused on Raph/Leo.


i’ll never forget the time in me2 when youre searching hock’s room for dna and shep scans a plant and goes “ay its clean” and kasumis just like


"its a plant

Anonymous asked: Have you ever see this Disney AUs that the people of Tumblr are doing over Tmnt? I think it's pretty hilarious! Like, the choose a movie and think how he/she/they would be as a concrete character. What do you think about it? Did you have any tmnt/Disney AUs?

Never heard of it o_o  Where is this going on?  Wait…you mean like the Beauty and the Beast Raphril pic I got???  Stuff like that?

I like Disney, but I’m not exactly headcanoning a bunch of Disney TMNT AUs…if they come to me via gifts then yes I shall accept gladly, but otherwise I don’t have any thoughts about it.  It’s kind of funny how Disney AUs happen in every fandom :3  The only “Disney” version of TMNT I’d like to see is with former Disney animator, Don Bluth, at the helm!  Now he would make a great kids movie with enough subtle “dark themes” for us older fans :D





I thought you all would like to know that I spent most of today teaching the new employee at work dirty Japanese, and I am a very good teacher <3

Here are some of my selected topics:

  • ベッドに行きましょう。”Let’s go to bed.”
  • 君のちんぽが大きいです。”Your penis is big.”
  • もっと深く “Deeper”
  • もっと早く “Faster”
  • いいです “That’s good”
  • これが好きです。”I like that.”
  • 私をセックスのためだけに使っています。”You’re just using me for sex.”

Don’t say I never taught you anything 8D


i request the Romaji for these. 

(i want to tell people these things in school)

sure thing honey doll

  • beddo ni ikkimashyou
  • Kimi no chinpo ga ōkīdesu
  • motto fukaku
  • motto hayaku
  • ii desu
  • kore ga suki desu
  • Watashi o sekkusu no tame dake ni tsukatteimasu

bringing this back for tmnt 2014