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Anonymous asked: Biologically impossible, but the guys producing (miraculously) children with human women always appealed to me, especially when the child appears more human-like rather than mutant-turtle. I've always wanted to write fanfiction on it, but was never quite sure how any of them would respond or what the later ramifications would be in that hypothetical situation. I was curious what would your personal opinion for the boys would be.


I see you anon’d this at darthempress as well, ARE MY METAS NOT ALSO THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD ANON, HUH? lol jk ;) ;) ;)

Okay the way I see it…

Raphael has no particular desire to have a child but if he found himself a father then he would step up and do his best at the job, both in terms of providing for them and being there for them. He does not have a lot of faith in his paternal capacity however. He would be a supportive and loving father and would encourage his child’s independence. I think he would be a great father, tbh, though he would question himself constantly. He would always be there.

Michelangelo would absolutely adore having children and would cheerfully be a stay at home dad. It would be a dream come true for him and definitely something he desires to round out his life. He would relish the opportunity and hope for a partner who shared his desire. He would be an adoring and doting dad, probably not disciplined enough though.

Leonardo would like to have children but only in a planned context within a committed relationship, after they had discussed it. He would not consider his life incomplete without children but he thinks they would enhance it, even as they would amp up his protective and obsessive instincts to all new levels. He would be very loving but extremely demanding - probably too disciplined.

Donatello I don’t see as having any particular desire for children though ultimately that might depend on who he’s with and how serious the relationship becomes. He wouldn’t want any surprises though he would take responsibility in that instance (I feel they all would, ultimately?). I think he would provide the most balance in terms of stability and would definitely be caring and gentle, but could run the same problems as always of getting caught up in his work and neglecting himself and those around him. 

As for potential ramifications, gosh that would depend on so many factors. What verse is it in, what the environment is, who the mother is, how old they are and so on and so forth.  I mean you have to place them in context and go from there.



I forgot to add what I thought the guys would be like as parents!  Everything you said, of course, except I think Raph would really, really shine as a parent and I think it’s something he secretly hopes for.  He’s the one who gets bent up in the comics about there only being four of them, and I think it does have to do with the fact that they can’t pass on a genetic legacy.  I loved in the third TMNT movie how close he got to little Yoshi (not Hamato Yoshi, the kid Yoshi).  He was silly/goofy/fun like Mikey with kids - he was like this big strong teddy bear :3  And just the way he talked to Yoshi, like they were on the same level, was really sweet.

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Since I forgot to give Garrus his scars, let’s pretend this is an AU where instead of catching rockets with his face, Garrus has learned to accessorize.

Why yes, that is Shepard’s scarf from the Noveria picture!

Detail shots: [1] [2]

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halloween’s coming early on tumblr

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This is really important info from a really great resource! Remember: No one ever deserves to be harassed, exploited, or emotionally abused. Everyone deserves to have their privacy and their body respected—whether they’re a current partner or an ex.

Check out to learn about ways to get explicit images taken down, how to get involved in your area, or how to seek legal assistance. Or for more info about digital abuse and online harassment, check out

90 percent of the victims are women

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This is a hairstyle timeline that is meant to cover the Taishō era (1912-1926). However the dates for many reference photographs were rather vague, so some might actually fall into Shōwa era (1926-1989). Regrettably I couldn’t cover EVERY single hairstyle from this period so please consider this to be a brief overview. There are no Geisha, Maiko, etc featured here; they will be covered in another fashion timeline someday.

Some interesting notes about Meiji-Taisho era from Liza Crihfield Dalby’s Kimono: Fashioning Culture (1993)

·         “Men and women of Meiji had gulped up Western culture with all the indiscriminate enthusiasm of new converts. By Taishō, Japanese sensibilities vis-à-vis the West were much smoother. This was Japan’s political equivalent of the … social scene of the American Roaring Twenties. Japanese born during Taishō would enter adolescence as modern boys and girls. Significantly, women opened their closets to Western clothing during this decade. Kimono has lost space ever since.” (pg. 124)

·         “By 1915 Japan was beginning to feel itself a world-class nation, more confident of its military strength and social development. Ordinary Japanese were inclined to look at their society in light of how life might be bettered by adapting foreign ideas, or made more interesting by acquiring foreign fashions. Borrowing from the West was of course not new, but it had now become a more reciprocal and respectable process.” (pg. 124)


·         In the Meiji era “a few women cropped their hair, but these courageous souls were simply regarded as weird” and indecent (pg. 75)

·         “If cutting the hair short was too radical [in Meiji Japan], as public reaction attests, women’s hair did gain a new option in the sokugami style, a pompadour resembling the chignons worn by Charles Dana Gibson’s popular Gibson girls. The further the front section, or ‘eaves,’ of the hair protruded, the more daring the style. The sokugami style bunched the hair, coiling it in a bun at the crown of the head. Unlike traditional coiffures, sokugami did not require the heavy use of pomade, pins, bars, strings, and false hair to hold its shape. Its appeal was promoted as healthier and more rational – hence, more enlightened- than the old ways.” (pg. 75)

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Sir Giraffington

By JBadgr



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Anonymous asked: Your metas are the best thing since slice bread, seriously; I love reading them so much ('specially Leo bby). While I know it's biologically impossible I've always wondered what or how the boys would respond to and raise any (hypothetical) children they would have with human females whether they'd be visibly mutants or human (in that they retain majority human characteristics and pass as 'human').

:D Leo bby yes!  So much honor in dat boy, I love it.

Ohhhhh hybrid babies…so suspending my own belief that there ain’t no way the turtles can have babies (even with aliens cause I’m of the Mass Effect mindset and we don’t know for certain if those were Mikey’s alien hybrid babies, just sayin’) I’d say the babies would probably look pretty human.  The turtles are already fairly human, at least to me.  They have teeth, walk upright, biceps, communicate like humans, biceps, have opposable thumbs, biceps, etc.  I really don’t see much about them that’s turtle despite their shells, green skin, lack of nose/nose?, and absence of body hair.  I mean, Garrus and Wrex from the Mass Effect series look way weirder.  I’d be more terrified of them than the turtles, even the hulk-tastic bara turts in the 2014 movie.

I guess what I’m getting at is, if it WERE biologically possible, their human/turtle hybrid babies would definitely look more human.  They’d probably look like Gamora or Mona Lisa without the tail.  I don’t see their kids having shells because um it might be a bit hard to pop that hybrid baby outta there with a hard ass shell…  Turtles are oviparus, not viviparus like humans, so thinking of one of them impregnating a human female makes me fear for her life.  And her genitals.

Leo did have a dream of being married to a human woman and having a daughter who appeared fully human.  The comic wasn’t colored so I headcanon the girl had green skin XD  That’d be the only way to tell she wasn’t fully human, I think.

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Anonymous asked: Many fans belive that Irma was actually taked away by the Kraang and put a spy on her place. What do you think?

I think it’s wistful thinking and that’s all it ever will be.  I understand now why Ciro didn’t mention anything about Irma in that podcast before the Season 2 premiere because she wasn’t really a girl - she was a male Kraang in a robot body.  And when he joked to Greg Cipes about giving Irma to Mikey to romance, Greg didn’t seem pleased, probably because he knew what she really was.

So no I don’t think Irma was kidnapped by the Kraang.

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Siempre desde que los conoci ellos me han sacado de una y millones de sonrisas.
Adoro a estos chicos tortugas mutantes ninjas adolecentes!!!!