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"In all this suffering we must live as if we were dancing, following the heavenly and the natural, climaxing in not knowing we are burned up. This is to nourish our lives. Nourishment occurs not high in the misty mountains away from the world's suffering, but in the very midst of suffering."

Kuang-ming Wu, "The Butterfly as Companion Philosophy"






So, it looks like people want me to pick Garrus. 
I feel like I am looking into this waaaay too much. I mean, it’s just a video game.

So I researched the romance for both Kaidan and Garrus in Mass Effect 3 (the one I still need to play). I don’t care if I spoil the romance stuff for myself; I still ‘squeeeee’ at everything. 

So, before you scroll and stuff….. SPOILERS!

For Kaidan: 

A female Shepard who romanced Kaidan in the first Mass Effect has differing dialogue with him during the Priority: Mars mission, where they discuss their relationship, and Kaidan’s fears that she is no longer the woman he loved. She can either be consoling or confrontational.

While in the hospital, Kaidan will send a message to Shepard asking to meet with her. If Shepard romanced another character during Mass Effect 2, (which I totally did, hence Garrus over here…) Kaidan will ask her about it, where she can either apologize, explain herself, or lie. If she apologizes or attempts to explain, Kaidan remarks that he still cares about her, and there is no other woman in his life.

If Kaidan joins the crew after Priority: Citadel II, Shepard can resume a romance with him. He invites her out for a drink at Apollo’s Cafe, where he reminisces that he often had a few beers at his parents’s home overlooking English Bay in Vancouver. He’ll reflect on their relationship and wonders if they have a future together. He’ll also forgive her for cheating on him. Shepard can lock in a relationship here by telling him that she loves him.

In the very last moments of the game, if Kaidan was romanced, the last person Shepard will see is Kaidan smiling.

Oh, and then there is this sound file of Raphael Sbarge reading Kaidan’s ‘About Horizon’ letter

That description of Kaidan’s romance option seems kindof boring to me. If it seems boring, that might be because it is, or because the website didn’t really expand that much. One thing that is really pulling me in for Kaidan is that I romanced him in the first one. 

So, on to Garrus…

Garrus is an available romance option in Mass Effect 3, provided he was previously romanced in Mass Effect 2. Shepard later runs into Garrus while he is stationed on the moon, Menae, attacking the Reapers. Not much is said about their relationship while they are fighting the Reapers, but once Garrus is aboard the Normandy, Shepard can visit him in the main battery. It is here where Garrus curiously asks where they stand and if she still has feelings for him, jokingly recalling that she had an attraction towards scarred men and that he is more than willing to get more if it will improve his chances. Shepard has the option to either end things with Garrus here, or to continue the relationship by kissing his scar and confessing that she missed him.

During the course of the game, Shepard can provide emotional support for Garrus, who is worried about his family on Palaven and about being asked for advice by the Primarch, something he is not used to. Garrus, in turn, tries to help cheer Shepard up when the pressure of the war begins to be too much for her to bear.

On the Citadel, Garrus asks to meet up with Shepard and they ride off to the Presidium in a skycar. It is here where Garrus asks her if she is ready to commit to a relationship and “ready to be a one turian kind of woman.” If pursued, Shepard will say that “the only thing that made leaving Earth bearable was knowing [he] was out there” and that she loves him and the two kiss. Afterwards, Garrus challenges her to a bottle shooting round with sniper rifles similar to the regular encounter, except that if Shepard misses the shot, after the “favorite spot on the Citadel” line, Garrus will say, “There, there, it’s okay. I know there are other things you’re good at.”

Before heading to the Illusive Man’s base, Garrus meets Shepard in her quarters and offers to keep her company. After Shepard wakes up from another dream and admits that she’s worried she hasn’t done enough, Garrus reassures her that they could have died at any moment before, but they are still alive now and have faced dangerous risks before.

Back on Earth, Garrus jokes about retiring with Shepard to “somewhere warm and tropical” and “find out what a turian-human baby looks like,” though Shepard may opt to say that adoption is likely a better option due to their incompatible biology, or that they probably wouldn’t make very good parents anyway, to which Garrus asks whether Shepard is scared that “Daddy’s rifle collection might scare junior.” Shepard is jokingly concerned that instead he might like it, and that having two expert killers in the family was more than enough. Garrus then says that if everything goes bad, to meet her at the bar in heaven. Before parting, Garrus gives her an order to come back alive before they kiss. If the Commander chooses to comfort Garrus further, Shepard says that if she dies and he doesn’t, she will always be watching over him, and he will never be alone.


Wait, here’s how:

If neither Garrus nor Tali’Zorah vas Normandy are romanced in Mass Effect 3, they enter a romantic relationship with each other and Shepard may walk in on them embracing each other in the Main Battery. Caught in the act, they both make a hasty excuse that one of Garrus’s mandibles may have gotten hooked on Tali’s helmet, and that Tali asked for him to check for a rupture. Shepard can tell them that they are happy for the two of them, and the two thank the Commander. As Garrus says that it helps knowing that there is something to go back to, to which Tali replies that the relationship is a fling and she is “using [him] for [his] body”. Garrus responds by saying “You’re so mean… and I’m okay with that”. Shepard also thanks the two for believing him/her since the beginning, to which Garrus will reply that “[she] gave [him] some incentive.”

this is a big deal for me after hearing a Turian and Quarian on Illium talking about being with each other. They can eat the same foods, drink the same drinks, both are non-human, etc….

So, after going through all of this, and knowing everything about to come, who should I choose? 

Also, if you have more details to provide about Kaidan and fShep, that would be awesome.

You could always do two different games, one for Garrus and one for Kaidan.  Besides, which guy do you personally like better?  Like who would you date in real life?

I always choose Garrus because he has the best romance dialogue and I found his romance to be much more honest and equal than Shepard and Kaidan’s relationship.

^I agree

I also had a file where I romanced Kaidan in 1 and then Garrus in 2. The reason I jumped shipped, besides Garrus being totally hot, is because Kaidan left me feeling utterly betrayed on Horizon and then, when we meet back up on Mars, he begins accusing me again despite knowing I’ve been on lockdown. I know Mars isn’t the place for a heart to heart conversation about what happened, but accusing me of still working with Cerberus, knowing I told the Illusive Man to fuck off (James knows so I assume Kaidan also has some knowledge of it, especially since he’s a higher rank isn’t he?) just really pissed me off and I wanted to punch him so bad.

But, that’s just me.

Yep!  Even though I think the Kaidan romance is good on its own terms, there’s a much different dynamic in the Garrus romance that I personally like better.  Garrus and Shepard have more give and take in their relationship; they trust one another implicitly and show unparalleled support and understanding.

With Kaidan, I like him, but I felt like he needed Shepard more than she needed him…and after Horizon (but I blame Bioware for that, not Kaidan :3) I just don’t see as much of a trust between them as Shepard and Garrus; but I think they could build that trust level up again.  It’s just that there was never any question between Garrus and Shepard; he trusts her THE MOST out of ANYONE and she in turn can rely on him for anything—no matter what, Garrus is there and he will be there for her to the very end (*cough* except…well, Bioware again!) :3

So that’s why I prefer Garrus over Kaidan <3

Im just going to say a confession I only bought mass effect 2 because after I saw a video to romance Garrus (without knowing nothing about mass effect)IDK why but my mind just scream “This is crazy but I just met you, so here my number so call me maybe” and got interested in this aliens especially turians then the next day went to Gamestop buy it the game I was mumbling in all the game “when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears”“when he’s gonna appears” and then I knew him and then became totally obsessed with mass effect. Of course I later did all the research became a pro in the history of mass effect played the previous game I even cosplay Tali and became a sick pervert turian with a matureblog with turians and finally became a masseffect-turian-quarian fetish addict artist gamer cosplayer!

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