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Annie Ilonzeh as April O’Neil (Mirage version)

"You guys, you’ve all been, well… great. And by guys, I guess I mean four big, green, talking turtles and a giant talking rat."

Even though I like Emma!April, I have to admit I would rather see Annie!April in a TMNT movie.  I think she would bring a lot of class and intelligence to the role, especially if April were a scientist.  Emma!April fits the snarky reporter role more than the sophisticated scientist, in my opinion.  I think it’s disappointing that all the April versions except the original are redheads (variety would be nice, you know!), and I would love to see her brought back as a woman of color <3  Also, it’s upsetting that when I go searching for original Mirage April pictures I only end up with Megan Fox or the April O’Neil pornstar…hence the lack of Mirage April pics for this post  :/

Anyway, I love Annie and think she would be an amazing choice for April!

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