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3 weeks ago
29th Friday 2014
Anonymous asked: 2012 Leorai

my NOTP too I don’t ship it it’s okay | I ship it hard OTP

yeah, like i’ve said before i 10000% understand and support those who ship leorai, but i just can’t, especially the 2k12 version.  additionally, i would like to take this opportunity to kindly ask everyone to please tag their leorai :)  thank you, darlings!

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  1. xxmoonlightxwishesxx said: I’m a Leorai shipper, but for now I’m just a bit stuck since well it’s a new series, I’m sure it may work… I’m just waiting to see what happens since the show is still young. (I’m referring to the 2012, the 2003 series made it hard to ship it)
  2. thelonemutation said: Someone else who doesn’t like Leorai, I don’t feel so alone now. :’D
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